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Where necessary, the testimonial texts have either been corrected to improve the readability of their English or have been translated from their original language. However, the intent of the original versions remains unaltered.


“As a consultancy company working to promote social and economic development in the national Honduran and regional Central American markets, we have often needed to prepare reports in English for international NGOs, multilateral organizations and bilateral cooperation agencies. We have used services on several occasions to improve documents written by our Spanish-speaking consultants. He has consistently enabled us to produce thoroughly-checked and high-quality reports. The clarity of English in these documents has been important in building up our credibility with our clients and marking us out from our competitors, and we believe it has helped us establish business partnerships that have enabled us to obtain further work. We have additionally noted that has been able to work to tight schedules. He has also been very attentive to mistakes we have made in our draft text, not just in the quality of our English, but in the consistency of our logical arguments and pointing out omissions we have made. Often he has also greatly improved the presentation of our documents. We have found that his skills extend greatly beyond a merely mechanical approach to proofreading. In the process of working with us, he has always been very communicative with our field consultants, raising key issues for clarification in order for us to get the final product absolutely right.”

Carlos Posas, Managing Director, ANED Consultores – Asesores Nacionales Especializados en Desarrollo [ANED Consultants – National Advisers Specializing in Development], Honduras, Central America.
Website: ANED Consultores

“As always, we were very pleased with your thorough work. It's great that you are so thorough, as it means we can be completely and totally confident in the product we get back from you. I recommend you everywhere I can.”

Kia Schou Borggaard, Chief Consultant, RAMBØLL Management
Website: RAMBØLL Management


“Vi var som altid meget glade for dit grundige arbejde. Fedt at du er så grundig, det gør at man er helt og aldeles tryg ved det produkt vi får retur. Jeg anbefaler dig alle de steder jeg kan komme til det.”

Kia Schou Borggaard, Chief Consultant, RAMBØLL Management

“RAMBØLL Management has used the services of on numerous occasions over the past few years. The proofreading services rendered have pertained to reports, questionnaires and notes to our major international clients, such as various Directorate Generals of the European Commission and the World Bank. What stands out in his work, impeccable proofreading skills aside, is his grasp of the subject as a critical reader. This implies that contradictory evidence, faulty argumentation etc. are often challenged. In this sense, service is more than proofreading, it is an extra layer of quality assurance.”

Dr. Steffen Bohni Nielsen, Chief Consultant, RAMBØLL Management, Copenhagen, Denmark.

has been proofreading for me for the past six years. In that time he has handled a wide variety of document types (including reports, survey analyses and research studies) which have been intended for various public bodies and official institutions such as government departments and the European Commission. He has covered a diverse range of issues, ranging across immigration, secondary and higher education, refugee issues, disability, employment and the labour market, adult training and discrimination, to name just a few. Among other things, over the years he has transformed some very awkwardly-written texts submitted by overseas consultants into clear and excellent English, to the benefit of both ourselves and our clients. Beyond his skills as a proofreader, one of his particular virtues is his sense of the text as a whole. Therefore the documents he has worked on are not only well expressed by the time his proofreading is completed, but to the best of my knowledge they have been free from errors of logic, accidental inaccuracies and internal inconsistencies. His query lists have been invaluable to us in highlighting problems with the drafting of our texts, so that when required we have been able to go back to our original sources to clear them up, or have been alerted to any false arguments in our documents. We have frequently had to work to very tight deadlines, and has exceeded all reasonable expectations in helping us to meet them. I could not be more pleased with his hard work and professionalism!”

Lotte Grünbaum, Chief Consultant, Organisation and Management, RAMBØLL Management

“Working with has been a highly agreeable experience. He is a most able translator and proofreader, and always keeps to agreed deadlines. He also has an incredibly good eye for those linguistic and content-related details that the document author has overlooked. My perception is that represents exceptional value for money, and he can be recommended absolutely.”

Christian Bason, Business Manager, RAMBØLL Management


“Det er en fornøjelse at arbejde sammen med . Han er en særdeles effektiv oversætter og korrekturlæser, der altid overholder de aftalte deadlines. Samtidig har han et utroligt godt blik for de sproglige og indholdsmæssige detaljer man ikke selv fanger. Min erfaring er at giver særdeles god værdi for pengene. Kan absolut anbefales.”

Christian Bason, Business Manager, RAMBØLL Management

“Linguistic exactness and accuracy are important preconditions for successful consultancy and reporting that must live up to the expectations and demands of our international customers, primarily in the European Commission. RAMBØLL Management has on many occasions used the proofreading and editing services of as regards reports and other written documents in connection with our evaluations and studies. We are highly satisfied with his output and with the high level of flexibility, commitment and professionalism that characterise his work.”

Helle Warrer Poulsen, Manager, RAMBØLL Management

“I have enjoyed working with . His prompt response, feeling for detail and the opportunity of identifying individual corrections made, makes you confident that your text is fully understood and is conveying the intended message. I would recommend him to anybody who wishes to see his text greatly improved.”

Steffen Westergard, Chief Consultant, Labour Market Analysis, RAMBØLL Management

Example of proofread text

Presented below are ‘before’ and ‘after’ versions of the English-language press release for the Infosecurity Italia 2004 trade exhibition. This press release has been selected solely for illustrative purposes, and has not been submitted by a client.

Original text

Proofread and edited version of text

Infosecurity Italia 2004 confirmed its position as leading event in the IT Security sector and with Storage Expo Italia earned a remarkable success among visitors

Milan, February 24. More than 5.000 visitors – 5.073, + 35% than last year – attended Infosecurity Italia and Storage Expo Italia 2004 in Fiera Milano, from 11 to 13 February, 168 the exhibitors involved (companies and represented companies), on about 2.933 squares meters engaged.

The 18 conferences and the 9 workshops, organized by the exhibitors companies, has been attended by most of the visitors.

The opening keynote speech - “Information Security: “IT Security: new trends” – lead by Alec Muffett, ex hacker now international “guru” of Information Security, has been very appreciated by the professional audience.

The meaning of Infosecurity Italia outstanding success, which made Milano the capital of IT Security in those days, can be grasped simply reading the main topics of the conferences agenda: Security in the banking field, Security Manager’s job, Storage management: technical problems and security for strengthening and sharing of information in modern firms, Computer Forensic.

Why this event on Information Security is collecting such attention from the enterprise market? “Because managing data by security standards – as Mauro Stratta, President of Reed Exhibitions Italia, brands owner, and managing director of Fiera Milano International answers – has become one of the most important issues of a competitive business development. In the information society the contents and data management skill in a secure and efficient way is more and more important to guarantee the business continuity and makes a difference between successful companies and photocopy-companies, which aren’t able to draw distinctive elements from their productive or organizational activity”.

There has been three days of intensive work in an ideal environment to develop business contacts with high level professionals, a qualified audience that spent a lot of time to visit the event, visiting the exhibition area and attending the conferences, with a general satisfaction of the exhibiting companies. A figure above all: at the first edition of the show in Italy, in 2001, less than 1000 people visited the event. Today all the multinational companies leaders in the IT Security market took part in the event, and Infosecurity Italia – a part of the Reed Exhibitions network of same events all over the world – is now the most important conference & exhibition on this topic in Europe.

Infosecurity Italia 2004 confirms its position as the leading event in the IT security sector, and together with Storage Expo Italia 2004 is a great hit with attendees.

Milan, February 24. Over 5000 visitors – 35 per cent more than last year – and 168 exhibitors took part in the Infosecurity Italia and Storage Expo Italia 2004 event on almost 3000 square metres of floor space at the Fiera Milano International trade exhibition centre between 11-13 February.

The 18 conferences and 9 workshops organized by the exhibitors were attended by the majority of visitors.

The opening keynote speech, “Data Security: New trends in IT security,” delivered by Alec Muffett, the ex-hacker and now an international data security guru, drew much praise from his audience of professionals.

The significance of Infosecurity Italia’s outstanding success, which for a while made Milan the IT security capital, is apparent from the main items on the conference agenda: Security in the banking field; The tasks of the Security Manager; Storage management: technical problems and security in safeguarding and sharing information in the modern enterprise; and Computer forensics.

Why has this data security event attracted such attention in the enterprise market? In the words of Mauro Stratta, President of Reed Exhibitions Italia and trademark owner and managing director of Fiera Milano International, “The secure management of data has become one of the most important issues in allowing competitive enterprises to flourish. In an information society the ability to handle content and data management securely and efficiently is increasingly important in assuring business continuity, and marks out the successful companies from copycats that are unable to capitalise on their productive or organizational activities.”

The event was marked by three days of intense activity in an environment ideal for high-level professionals to develop business contacts, as well as the presence of a qualified target audience that invested a lot of time in attending the event, including the conferences and the exhibition area – much to the satisfaction of the exhibitors. A notable statistic: during the premiere of the same event in Italy in 2001, fewer than 1000 visitors attended. This time, all the multinational IT security market leaders were present, and Infosecurity Italia – a member of Reed Exhibitions’ worldwide network of such events – is now Europe’s principal IT security event.



2nd paragraph:

– Because it is the first time it is mentioned, I have given the Fiera Milano International trade exhibition centre its full name and description.

– As this is a press release rather than a study report, I have omitted the exact statistics regarding visitor numbers and floor area as being of lesser importance, although I would note to the client that I had done so.

4th paragraph:

– Because it is likely that it was delivered in English rather than Italian, in practice I would check the actual title of Alec Muffett’s speech with the client. Another reason to check is that the title of the speech in the Italian-language press release is “Sicurezza informatica: nuove tendenze, tecnologie tradizionali,” which means “IT security: new trends, traditional technologies,” and is therefore different from the title given to the speech in the original English-language version of the press release (“Information Security: “IT Security: new trends”).

6th paragraph:

– I assume ‘brands owner’ is intended to mean ‘trademark owner’ (of Fiera Milano International). A further item I would check with the client.

– I assume ‘photocopy-companies’ is intended to mean ‘imitator companies’. This is something else I would check with the client.

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