The baseline proofreading rate is 30 euros per 1000 words of English source text as counted by the word count utility built into Microsoft Word's word processing program. I charge an hourly rate of 30 euros when complex and/or fragmented layouts (such as the inclusion of numerous graphics that require amendments) add to the workload and/or make this method of calculation impractical.

(At the time of the most recent update to this page (04/2016), 30 euros is equivalent to circa DKK 223, GBP 23.5 or USD 33.6. Use the widget below for the most up-to-date rates or for euro equivalents in other currencies.)

My baseline rate for Danish-to-English translation is 100 euros per 1000 words of source text.

If payment is made in a currency other than the euro, the interbank euro exchange rate quoted on the Oanda website that prevails on the date of invoicing (which is deemed to be the date on which I return your proofread documentation) will determine the exact amount.

(The Oanda site permits unrestricted look-up of historic data.)

Payment is due within 14 days of my dispatch of the file(s) containing my amended version of your original document, plus my invoice.

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If it is apparent that unusually extensive corrections will be required and/or the urgency of your deadline makes it necessary for me to work overtime (including weekends), I reserve the right to apply a multiplier which reflects the degree of additional effort involved. This will raise the baseline rate mentioned above. Should this be necessary, I will inform you about it before I start work; or if the need for unusually extensive corrections is for some reason not obvious until after my work has started, I will let you know as soon as it first becomes apparent. This will give you the option to abandon the project and pay only for any work actually carried out up to that point.

I reserve the right to require interim/stage payments when working on very large assignments. Typically, this will be at 14-day intervals.

I may decline to take on an assignment if it is clear to me that I have too little knowledge of the subject area it covers, or if I feel that the number of queries generated during the process of proofreading a particular document (or set of documents) will be too great. Machine-translated text will generally fall into this category.

Occasionally, I may also have to decline work whose timing and/or extent cannot be reconciled with my daily work capacity and/or other assignments.

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Please see the submission details.


I accept payments made by wire transfer from your bank (see the Links page for more details). Relevant details will be supplied at the time of invoicing.

Bank-to-bank wire transfers can readily be made in US dollars (USD), United Kingdom pounds (GBP), euros (EUR), Australian dollars (AUD), Danish crowns (DKK), Norwegian crowns (NOK) and Swedish crowns (SEK). (This is not an exhaustive list.)


Please see the relevant FAQ.

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Your go-ahead for proofreading and copy editing to commence will signify your acceptance of the terms described on this page unless it is specifically agreed between us in writing that other arrangements will apply.

When you send me material for proofreading and/or as part of a job enquiry, you are simultaneously certifying that you are not in breach of any applicable confidentiality or copyright agreement or trade embargo that prohibits you from doing so, and that your material is not intended to be used for any illegal purpose.

You also agree to indemnify me in the event of any claim or legal action, under any jurisdiction, that may be made against me as a result of the failure on your part to observe any relevant confidentiality or copyright restrictions or trade embargo prohibiting your transmission to third parties of the documentation which you have sent to me.

Any other legal issues which may arise will be settled in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. You are responsible and liable for any fees, including attorney and collection fees, that I may incur in my efforts to collect any outstanding balances from you.

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